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Would You Like to Help Lucy Letby?

Updated: Sep 10, 2023

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The fight to exonerate Lucy Letby has begun and you can be part of it

On Friday Lucy was found guilty of murdering seven babies and attempting to murder a further six on seven occasions. She was found not guilty on two counts of attempted murder and no verdict could be returned in relation to the six other counts of attempted murder.

The last ten months must have very traumatic for the parents of the 15 babies whom the prosecution alleged Lucy murdered or attempted to murder. They must have been difficult for the parents of Children H, J, K and Q who on Friday found out that the jury did not agree that Lucy had harmed their babies. They must have been difficult for the parents of babies who died at COCH in 2015 and 2016 but where harm had not been alleged, particularly since Cheshire Police is now investigating the deaths; this must be doubly traumatic. Why did the police not investigate before? The parents could have had closure by now.

And, whether or not Lucy actually committed the 14 acts of harm of which she was found guilty, they have been difficult ones for her and her family. If it was you, or your daughter, or your granddaughter, or your sister, etc, you would have been traumatised. Moreover, you would want to move to appeal as soon as possible, particularly if you were the wrongly convicted or a close family member thereof - let's face it, anyone who has read the Rex v Lucy Letby website must surely understand the scientific evidence presented at trial was deeply flawed.

Writing about Lucy's verdict being a miscarriage of justice in the immediate aftermath of the trial is not insensitive as many allege. It is not vitriol directed at parents - indeed, I and the author of the Rex v Lucy Letby website have received lots of abuse which is ironic given it is from people who believe Lucy was an abuser and want her punished. Where is your reason, people? No, writing about a miscarriage straight away is not wrong. It is what anyone would have done. It is what you would have done.

There are many who believe Lucy is innocent. Along with the abuse there have been countless messages of support. In the coming days, weeks, and months we will become very organised. We will shout from the rooftops at every opportunity about the flawed science, as well as advocating for the science that should have been seen by the jurors. And we will shout about other inconsistencies in information that is in the public domain. Our approach will be entirely rational, factual, logical. It will be fair. It will be relentless.

We will be careful about what we say. We will not accuse those who testified against Lucy at her trial of malice; that would be libel. But we don't need to make accusations. By presenting facts that are in the public domain - science, testimony at trial, public statements, etc - it will become clear how this miscarriage occurred and who is to blame for it.

If you would like to join a group whose aim is to bring together key scientific minds, those who can provide other sorts of help, and those who simply have a strong sense of justice - and then to go into battle - watch this space. A Lucy Letby Appeal Campaign will be up and running very soon and I will post details on my blog about it as soon as it is.

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