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I've Got A Little List

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A list of useful/interesting organisations and individuals in relation to Lucy's case that I shall add to/keep current (please contact me with suggestions)

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Links to interesting organisations:

The View Magazine

The only publication by and for women in the justice system



tel 07591 185 151

The Criminal Cases Review Commission - The CCRC looks into criminal cases where people believe they have been wrongly convicted or wrongly sentenced. These cases are for those who have already lost their appeal. If we do find something wrong with a conviction or sentence, we can send the case back to the Court of Appeal. To launch a fresh appeal, we need something important like strong new evidence or an argument that makes the case look different now.

Appeal: a charity and law practice that fights miscarriages of justice and demands reform

Manchester Innocence Project: paving the way to freedom for victims of a miscarriage of justice

The Innocence Project London: aims to undertake thorough and objective investigations into alleged wrongful convictions of individuals who maintain their innocence and have exhausted the criminal appeals process

Innocence Project London is a member of the Innocence Network. Find out more about us at

Cardiff University Innocence Project - conducts casework, research, and advocacy on the topic of miscarriages of justice and is the only university Innocence Project in the UK to have helped overturn cases at the Court of Appeal

Inside Justice - an award winning charity that conducts casework investigations on behalf of people who claim they’ve been wrongly convicted

The Justice Gap - A magazine about law and justice and the difference between the two

Centre for Justice Innovation (seeks to build a justice system which everyone believes is fair and effective)

Miscarriages of Justice Review Centre, University of Sheffield - provides Sheffield law students with a unique opportunity to investigate cases of people convicted of serious crimes who are maintaining their innocence

Miscarriages of Justice Awareness Society

Miscarriages of Justice Registry, Exeter University (an interdisciplinary research group specialising in behavioural and data science research, and applying this research to the legal system and in legal arguments)

The British False Memory Society (formed in 1993 to deal with issues relating to false memory)

Justice - A law reform and human rights charity, working to reform the UK justice system with a focus on the most vulnerable and marginalised in society

Innocence Network UK (INUK) - Educating to overturn and prevent the wrongful conviction of innocent people (no longer operating but some useful info)

Innocence Project London School of Law University of Greenwich Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich London SE10 9LS Tel 020 8331 9461 Email: Retired Supreme court judges contact info: The Supreme Court For general enquiries, please contact us at: The Supreme Court Parliament Square London SW1P 3BD Switchboard: 020 7960 1500 or 1900 DX 157230 Parliament Sq 4 Text Relay: Callers with a text phone can talk through Text Relay by calling 18001 followed by our main numbers 0207 960 1900 or 0207 960 1500. Email for general public enquiries only. We recommend that you check our 'Frequently Asked Questions' page before emailing us with queries - we have worked hard to ensure the list is as comprehensive as possible. Instant & free solicitor answers legal questions:

Links to influential people:

Your MP

Max Hill KC, Director of Public Prosecutions:

The Rt Hon Victoria Prentis KC MP, Attorney General

Michael Tomlinson KC, Solicitor General

The Rt Hon Alex Chalk KC MP, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice

The Rt Hon Suella Braverman KC MP, Secretary of State for the Home Department

The Rt Hon Steve Barclay MP, Secretary of State for Health and Social Care

Jon Robins, The Justice Gap

Toby Young, British social commentator

Jesse Norman MP (MP for Hereford and South Herefordshire, Lucy's home constituency)

Chris Mullin ex MP - miscarriage of justice campaigner

Andrew Malkinson - wrongfully convicted and jailed in 2003 for the rape of a 33-year-old woman in Salford, Greater Manchester

Michael O’Brien, miscarriages of justice campaigner (wrongly convicted together with two other men of the 1987 murder of Cardiff newsagent Phillip Saunders. They spent 11 years in prison before their convictions were quashed)

Liam Allan, miscarriages of justice campaigner (faced a lengthy prison sentence after police failed to disclose vital evidence proving a false rape allegation)

Eddie Gilfoyle, miscarriages of justice campaigner (spent 18 years in prison for the murder of his wife)

The family of Ben Geen, a former nurse who was convicted of murdering two patients and causing grievous bodily harm to 15 others

Annie Brodie-Akers, co-founder of Centre for Justice Innovation

Phil Bowen, Director, Centre for Justice Innovation (Phil Bowen leads the organisation, setting and overseeing the implementation of its overarching strategy. Prior to being Director, Phil spent the majority of his career in the British civil service, working for the Home Office, Ministry of Justice, and as a delivery adviser to the Prime Minister on criminal justice reform.)

07816 967361

Twitter: @PhillipBowen45

Suzanne Smith, Senior Innovative Practice Officer, Centre for Justice Innovation (Suzanne leads the Centre's practice work on women in justice and court reform, including procedural fairness and criminal problem-solving courts.)

Stephen Whitehead, Head of Evidence and Data, Centre for Justice Innovation (As head of Evidence and Data, Stephen leads our research team, ensuring that our work is rigorous and provides insights that can have a real impact on the criminal justice system.)

Michael Naughton

Michael's PhD thesis was on the routine nature of miscarriages of justice as evidenced by successful appeals against criminal conviction and the extensive forms of harm that are caused by such miscarriages of justice to victims, their families and society as a whole from a zemiological perspective.

Dr Louise Hewitt, Associate Professor in Law, National Teaching Fellow 2021

Director Innocence Project London, Director IICE Undergraduate Research Hub, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Sciences, School of Law and Criminology, University of Greenwich

"Talk to me about: law of evidence, wrongful convictions, innocence projects, undergraduate research and disability hate crime"


T: 0208 8331 9461 (Direct)

If you would like to post comments and replies about this post, please do so on the Forum by clicking here (opens in new window so this blog post page stays open for you to view). The Forum is visible only to members which makes it preferable to the Blog for members’ conversations.

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