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Calling All Chimps!

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Many of you have asked how we can come together more actively

I have received so many messages of thanks the last few weeks for my articles and for providing a place where you can feel connected with others who want to support Lucy. Quite a few of you have asked how we can become more active, so this post is really asking you for any suggestions you might have.

You may first be interested to know where the name 'Chimp Investor' came from. My profession was financial services and there is an anecdote about a chimpanzee throwing darts at a list of investments, and performing better than most professional fund managers! (My approach to investing is very statistically- rather than narrative-driven. This interest in statistics led me to so-called cluster cases like Lucy's which can be appraised statistically, and indeed to a range of other topics.)

Also, for anyone interested, I completed a geology degree recently at Birkbeck College, London, and did my dissertation on human evolution in Africa (understanding human evolution and evolution generally involves a lot of geology). So, I Iearned a lot about our cousin the chimpanzee as well as about our ancestors (other Homo species such as habilis and other genera such as Australopithecus and Ardipithecus).

Also, using a 'cute' animal in one's branding can be effective!

Now, chimpanzees are our closest relatives (genetically, they are closer to humans than they are to gorillas). They are intelligent. And the idea of a group of chimps rising up to challenge the justice system is simply delicious!

So, Chimps, we have a mission.

The mission is Lucy.

The mission is to help protect NHS health workers in future who could be subjected to false accusations and possible imprisonment (a nurse in Birmingham has just been arrested on suspicion of 'poisoning' - in fact, the related 'surge in fatalities' could well be a summer virus which is very possibly the case with Lucy. I also wonder if the 'poison' referred to is insulin).

The mission is to help improve the justice system, the system that anyone of us could become a target of.

You have been posting fabulous comments on my posts and having some fabulous conversations with each other (also, many comments have included information that is very useful and could well end up helping Lucy's effort to be exonerated).

There are now more than 400 of you who have become a Chimp in the last four weeks. That number is growing quickly. Some of you have asked what more we could do. This is likely to be a long fight so we might as well start thinking now.

So, please, if you have ideas, share them in the comments box, have conversations via the comments feature. I'm sure 400 intelligent creatures should come up with some great ideas! I will collate them and put them together in a new post, perhaps toward the end of this week.

I know that many of you will also be members of Science on Trial. Sarrita did incredible work putting the Rex v Lucy Letby website together and she along with members is doing incredible things with the SoT site.

This is not a competition. This is about the mission at hand. There will be overlap (which is good). I'm sure we can work together.

So, I very much look forward to seeing your suggestions.

By the way, the collective noun for a group of chimpanzees is a whoop.

Onward, Chimps!

Whoop whoop!

The views expressed in this communication are those of Peter Elston at the time of writing and are subject to change without notice. They do not constitute investment advice and whilst all reasonable efforts have been used to ensure the accuracy of the information contained in this communication, the reliability, completeness or accuracy of the content cannot be guaranteed. This communication provides information for professional use only and should not be relied upon by retail investors as the sole basis for investment.

© Chimp Investor Ltd

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